Meet The Book Sisters

Donna Marie Bailey


Like so many women, Donna “remembered” later in life, that she is a writer after her beloved grandfather passed away. She had just purchased one of the very first computers and the cursor light was blinking away.

Overcome with emotion and without thinking, Donna found her hands on the keyboard. Her fingers moved quickly and without effort as she “heard” the words of a poem that honored him. She had forgotten she was a writer, not having written creatively since high school. And so the writer returned.

Now, thankfully, writing is an everyday affair. Donna has lived in some of the world’s most beautiful places...Maine, the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and the San Francisco Bay, and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the state in which she was born during the tumultuous times of the Civil Rights Era. Her professional life has taken many shapes, but the motivation was always the help people find what brings them joy - in work, nature, and relationships. She also seeks to remind them of just how amazing they truly are.

Just Outside Your Window is a dream for her and it is her deepest hope that after reading it, you, too, will find or perhaps simply rediscover, your talent, beauty, and the preciousness of your life.

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Charlotte Noyes


A woman of multiple careers and life paths, Charlotte has been a teacher, counselor, Human Resources Director, advocate, statistician, baker, and Public Health professional, having conducted evaluation research for over 20 years. But, on a beach in Carmel in 2004, she also discovered she is a photographer.

She established her studio, Eye’s Breath Photographic Art, in 2006 and has been capturing nature and the marvels that exist all around us ever since. Her childhood fascination with her dad’s basement darkroom in their family home in Parkville, MD, may have been the seed for this later discovery, but the growth of this art, and love of the anticipation of joy that photography brings, continues to bloom.

Charlotte is rarely seen without her camera. She is most influenced by Imogene Cunningham, who said,

“My favorite photograph is the one I’ll take tomorrow.”

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